LuAyne Barber, who also goes by 'Lulu' on stage, is not your typical pole dancer.  In fact she is about the size of two of your typical pole dancers.

The 252 pound, size 22 'pole princess' does not let her size stop her from doing every trick, spin, lift or split that her smaller competitors do.

Having a hard time believing it?  We have video proof and 'Lulu' says she has never felt more sexy!

'Lulu' doesn't make a living off of pole dancing, in fact during the day she works at a car dealership.  She talked about her first time trying pole dancer.

I'd always wanted to try it, but I was worried about what people would think. But when I turned up for my first class and everyone was in stilettos and tiny shorts, regardless their different sizes, I felt a lot better.'

'Lulu' says that she was instantly hooked and has since started a website to blog about her experience
Her Youtube channel has gained a ton of popularity, and she is turning into an inspiring figure for plus sized girls everywhere.
So now the moment that you've all been waiting for . . . Watch her work the pole!

Check out her 'Best Of Lulu' video too!