Michalena Dodge's 3-year-old daughter was injured by an arcade game at a Chuck E Cheese's and the managers response is shocking.


According to reports the young girl was feeding tickets into the game when the machine ripped out two chunks of her hair. As a result the girl has two bald spots on her head.

After the incident Dodge's mother approached the manager about the incident. The manager chose not to fill out a report and instead gave the girl a ticket voucher and a popsicle. Sources say the manager responded to the incident with stuff happens when people don't watch their kids."

Chuck E. Cheese has released the following statement...

"We're aware of an incident in which a child sustained a minor scalp injury as she was feeding tickets into the Ticket Muncher. The store manager acted quickly to make sure the child was okay and we've since been in contact with her mother and offered to assist with any medical bills. We want to assure parents and caregivers that maintaining a safe experience for our guests is a primary concern for us."

Source: MLive.com

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