Club 93.7 and MetroPCS kicked off the 37 Second Challenge at SWA as they hosted Flushing last week.  Cal and Daniel were the contestants shooting for $100, do you think they made it?


Cal Endicott was the student from Flushing, and Daniel Walker was representing the hometown SWA crowd.  Once the pre-shot jitters were worked out, both contestants were ready to go!  In the end neither Cal or Daniel were able to make all 4 shots in the regulation 37 seconds, (but Cal banked in a half court shot after the buzzer just to show it could be done).  Both of them did make 3 out of 4 shots though which means they will be competing for the grand prize at the end of the year.

Check out Daniel doing the 37 second challenge.  (Due to a technical error we were unable to post Cal's turn).

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