50 Cent actually apologized to Moneybagg Yo for his seemingly disrespectful comment on a picture of Moneybagg and Megan Thee Stallion, the latter of whom Moneybagg is all but confirmed to be dating.

On Monday (Sept. 2), Moneybagg Yo uploaded a photo of him standing over the 2019 XXL Freshman as she lays down on a pool table. Soon afterward, 50 Cent popped up in the comment section and made a slick comment about him and the girl on the pool table.

"All kinda good looking hoes out here the pressure a break em. Lol," 50 wrote. The thing is, 50 didn't realize that the girl on the pool table was Megan, Moneybagg seemed irritated by the comment but kept it cordial when he responded to 50.

"Yeah hoes but she don't fall in dat category," Moneybagg replied. The response was deleted a short time later.

Realizing his mistake, 50 did what he rarely does and apologized. The Queens, N.Y. rapper, who's set to hit the stage in Australia in November, actually took the time to repost Moneybagg's post and publicly apologize to the "Say Na" rapper for misunderstanding the situation. He even said he'd reach out again on the phone.

"Hey @moneybaggyo I looked at this picture saw your comment, and wrote that i didn’t even realize that was Megan," he said. "Misunderstanding no disrespect I’ll hit ya phone later."

50 aka Fofty may have put various celebrities on blast in the past, but he's also realized the error of his ways as well. Back in 2012, 50 berated a Twitter follower who commanded him to release his Street King Immortal album or "get shot again." After 50 referred to the Twitter user as autistic and a "special ed kid," 50 got plenty of backlash from fans and celebrities alike. He later apologized.

“I realize my autism comments were insensitive, however it was not my intention to offend anyone and for this I apologize,” 50 said on July 8, 2012.

See Moneybagg Yo's original post and 50's comment below.

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