State Representative Sheldon Neeley visits the Club93.7 studio to clear up any rumors floating around Flint. 

I've said this once and I'll say it again, politics is a dirty game. Now with those games comes loose rumors, fake videos, you name it. So Mr.Neeley wants to take the time to address any rumors that have been floating around Flint. We address the Mondo TV video where Mr.Neeley is shown saying that the Flint water is safe to drink. Also, we touch on the whole "Selling Hurley" story that was put out there.

We also speak on this expungement program that he's been running for a while to give felon's a second chance. I don't wanna ruin the video for you but I hope this helps clear up some of the BS that you see online. Or this video does nothing for you. You might just have a side you wanna rock with and this just makes you super angry. Either way, I wanna give each candidate a platform to address certain issues in the local area.  But remember all of this is a waste of time if you don't get out and VOTE!

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