Guys, you need to face the facts . . . sometimes your lady friend just doesn't feel like having some relations with you.  Lucky for us though, most women are smart enough to make up an excuse instead of just telling us to get lost.

Here are the top 10 excuses according to a new survey from

#1.)  "I'm too tired" 69%.

#2.)  "I have to get up early," 61%.

#3.) "I have a headache," 57%.

#4.)  "I feel too chubby," 54%.

#5.)  "I don't have time," 48%.

#6.)  "I'm just not in the mood right now," 47%.

#7.)  "I feel sick," 39%.

#8.)  Pretending to be asleep, 33%.

#9.)  "I'm too full after dinner" 28%.

#10.)  "I haven't shaved or waxed and I'm really hairy down there" 27%