You you have trouble finding a date or just plan suck at figuring out what to do on that first date..I assume some nerds came up with this list on 7 great date ideas. To be totally honest I've never been on one of these seven dates, but you try your luck and let me know!

Date idea #1: Go hunting-- No, not the hunting that requires killing furry creatures. Instead, go on a mission to find something, like some much-needed furniture for your pad. Errand-running might not seem very romantic, but it's actually a modern-day version of an ancient bonding ritual where people had to hunt together to survive. So don't be surprised if by the end of your shopping spree you start feeling a real connection.

Date idea #2: Get dizzy-- A study found that men and women who met on a bridge high over rushing water rated each other as more attractive than if they met elsewhere. The lesson? Vertigo is your friend. There's something about staring down dizzying distances that makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe it's the adrenaline rush you feel. It could feel the same as what happens during arousal.

Ask your date if you can head to a restaurant or bar that's at the top of the city's highest skyscraper. Or, try a rooftop club where there's a balcony. You can also go rock climbing or hike together. Just think: the higher you go, the more attracted you'll be to each other!

Date idea #3: Attend a group dining experience-- Change the typical date meal into a communal dining spot, like Benihana or a shared table at a busy Italian. Eating among others not only takes the pressure off you both, but it also helps to establish the two of you as a couple. People tend to bond more closely with a person they know best when they're interacting with a bunch of people. In a group setting, you're united against a world of strangers and that will get you bonding faster and better.

Date idea #4: Get in touch with your artistic sides--Proposing a pottery or painting class can make you see your date in a whole new light. If you're working on creating something together, it's a great way to bond.

Date idea #5: Get nosy-- Of all your five senses, scent will kick-start the mood like no other. Smell is chemical and it activates the emotional part of the brain. So, go to a cheese-tasting event or breathe in the smells at a local flower festival.

Date idea #6: Dance, dance, dance-- Go to a ballroom dancing lesson. The latest dance craze is salsa because of its sensuality. You dance very close. You can also try learning the cha-cha or Peabody. You'll find you and your date having a real connection because it makes your bodies be in synch. Dancing is a very fast way to get on the same page.

Date idea #7: Play a game together-- A little competition can create instant chemistry. Just avoid head-to-head competition early on. No one likes being on the losing end, so try teaming up against another couple or some friends. That way, you get the benefits, regardless of whether you win or lose. When you're paired together against other people, you and your date become allies, so it's a very strong way to bond."