This story is a little strange and funny at the same time with a Florida woman being arrested and detained after kissing a cop on the nose.  I guess kissing up didn't work this time.

Peggy Hill, 62 years-old, landed a wet kiss on the police officer's nose which was totally unexpected.  The police was showing up to an altercation involving Hill and her neighbors.Hill walked up to officer and leaned in to get her lip locking on but landed on his nose. An assisting officer wrote the reporting detailing the bizarre behavior.

"[S]he approached him and kissed him on his nose against his will. He stepped away from her, wiped off the saliva from his nose, attempted to take her into custody and she started to struggle with him."

Peggy was arrested and charged with felony battery of a law enforcement officer.  The kissing woman did admit to drinking several glass of wine after being detained.  The kissing tale took place on Saturday and Peggy is still detained on $5000 bond.

Do you think the arresting officer is taking this kiss a little too serious?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via HP