Taco Bell believes the children are our future, and they're proving it by asking 9-year-old Kinsley James of Davison to speak at their upcoming convention.

You're probably wondering why Kinsley was asked to speak. It's simple, she spoke up.

She wrote an essay to convince Taco Bell to begin food delivery because her mom wouldn't take her to get Tacos. She explained how she loves the food at Taco Bell, but since she is only 9, she couldn't possibly drive herself to the restaurant.

The video of Kinsley getting the call from Taco Bell was posted on Facebook by her mom.

This is such a cool example of real life learning. Taking the things that you learn in the classroom and using them to learn in the real world. There is no lesson that teaches you how to influence a major corporation.

Now Kinsley will be speaking in front of thousands of Taco Bell owners and employees. The conference happens September 23-25 in Vegas. There's more than just a feel good ending to this story though, as Taco Bell is planning on using the conference to roll out food delivery plans.

Nice work Kinsley, keep speaking up!

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