They should've just said that they're banning alcohol and left out the part about COVID-19.

Several of the big airlines have made the decision to ban alcohol on flights to reduce bathroom trips and time without a face mask on.

American Airlines is filling its planes at 55% capacity and has made the decision to trim down on food & drink options onboard; water will be served and alcohol will only be served on international flights and in first class.

Other airlines such as KLM, Delta, and EasyJet will halt their alcohol sales on flights.

I have so many feelings about this - first of all, I know that a lot of people fly for leisure only. I've literally only gotten on a plane three times in my life for work; the rest were for vacation. I understand that people want to relax when they get on a flight, but have you ever been on a plane with a belligerent drunk? I have. And it's no fun.

Alcohol affects your body more on a plane than it does when you're on the ground because of the decreased air pressure in the cabin. So, if it takes you four drinks to get sloshed, it may take two or less in the air.

Personally, I've never thought that booze on a flight is a good idea. Then again, I don't drink, so I'm a little biased. Chew on this for a second - have you seen the videos of people freaking out in public because they're being asked to wear a mask?

If not, allow me to present this guy...

...and this lady...

...and soooooooo many more. Now, imagine that all of these yahoos are drunk and trapped 35,000 feet above the ground in a tin can.

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