How do you feel about the store boarding up to anticipate a violent protest?

On Friday night, a peaceful protest was held in Grand Blanc was organized by recent high school graduates Kayla Shannon, Chloé Gill, Lyric Johnson, and Saniyah Vanover.

The group marched from the Kohl's on Saginaw Street about a mile down the road to the Grand Blanc Police Department to protest racism and police brutality.

protest was set to begin, the new ALDI in Grand Blanc shut its doors and boarded up the windows in anticipation of a violent protest and possibly a riot.

In light of this (and after the protest went off without a hitch), some residents are calling for a boycott.

I asked some of my friends who live in GB for their opinions on what happened, and here's what they said:

Brett B. said, "I think it’s sad but with not so peaceful protests happening throughout the US I can understand their desire to protect their brand new store."

Sean M. said, "With everything happening out there I am surprised more stores didn’t do the same thing."

Diana S. said,  "I think the order came from corporate. People are reading waaaaaay more into this than necessary. If you don’t want to shop there any more-so be it!!! It will be less busy for me!"

What do YOU think?

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