The current mask mandate in the Genesee County area has people up in arms. So much so that a group of people got together the other day to stand outside and protest with signs at a Genesee County government building.

This is differently taking a turn for the worst when it comes to us working together to combat COVID and the new Delta strain. Some people just wanna argue and don't like being told what to do. I get it, I'm one of those people. But how far are you willing to take it when there's a worldwide pandemic still happening? 

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Outside the Genesee County government building, a small group stood on the street with signs, demonstrating their opposition to the health department order.


Protesters are saying "Our Kids, Our Choice."

Ok, so I understand that we have our rights and cannot allow anyone to bend them for any reason, because in law, once you ok something, it's there forever. Here's another question for you though. What are you willing to do to protect yourself and your family? Wouldn't you be willing to listen to advice from some people who study, test, and practice techniques that can help mitigate the spread? I know everything the CDC says can be off. But they've been mostly right throughout this pandemic.

The CDC recommends indoor masking by all students 2 and up, along with staff, teachers and school visitors regardless of vaccination status.

Will see how far these protests go. I just hope everybody can keep their hands to themselves. Because we all know how quickly parents can get triggered when it comes to their kids. Especially if you've ever been to a kid's football game. The parents are the most dangerous thing on the field.


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