Ice Cube is getting the ball rolling with his Big 3 League, which recruits former NBA stars to play 3-on-3 games, as well as help coach, but it looks like Allen Iverson caused some concern at the latest game. The veteran basketball player was reportedly a no-show at the Big 3 game in Dallas, Texas over the weekend, and so far, there's no explanation as to why he was absent.

According to reports, the league had no advanced notice that Iverson would be absent from the game, releasing a statement saying that they are "launching an investigation to gather all the facts" before making a more formal statement on the matter. He currently serves as the captain and coach of the 3's Company team in the league.

TMZ says that A.I. was seen in Chicago, Ill. just hours before the big game on Saturday (July 29), where he was gambling at Rivers Casino. Sources say that he was inside of the casino until around 3 a.m., and later surfaced at the Sugar Factory around 10 p.m. on Sunday (July 30), reportedly wearing the same clothes. Reports say that Iverson has been seen at multiple casinos over the last month, gambling at different tables with big stacks of chips.

The beloved basketball star still has not responded to his absence and fans' concerns, but we're sure an explanation will be given in due time.

See the full statement from the Big 3 League below to see what they had to say on Iverson's absence.

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