The 'Double Knock Out' is a rare scene in sports, almost as rare as two fighters leaving their shirts on during a fight. Thanks to the magic of cell phone camera's, we can all enjoy this one.

Tens of MMA fans turned out for the highly anticipated battle between Brandon 'The Bulldog' Alexander and Aaron 'The Dutchman of Doom' Britt.

(I just made those nicknames up)

Both fighters exchange glancing blows for the first 14 seconds of the fight, and then it happens!  BOOM!  Blind hay-makers find their target for both men, and both drop to the ground.

While the fighters are out cold with dreams of 50% off Affliction shirts dancing in their heads, the ref isn't sure what to do.  Finally they declare the fight a draw, with a much anticipated rematch coming in June.  Get your tickets now, before 'The Bulldog' finds out that he has to work a double at Rite-Aid and must postpone the fight!