A group of animal rights activist's run into an industrial duck farm and slaughterhouse to chain their necks to the line machine and the outcome was almost fatal for one activist. 

I'm all for animal rights, but I am a meat eater. I don't condone industrial farming, not allowing animals room to enjoy their life and roam freely I think is a terrible and dark part of human history. Most of these animals never see the light of day. So I get it.

But, I am a huge fan of farm-raised meat and I believe hunting is a misunderstood endeavor we all should look more into to understand. If I could hunt, and eat my own meat all year round I would. But, not everybody is built that way, and I think society has become so huge and disconnected from its food I don't see any other way to replace the current system. I can tell you this, running into a slaughterhouse and chaining your neck to a SLAUGHTER MACHINE is not the most effective way to make a point.

The guy in this video is lucky people caught wind of what was happening because this could have easily been turned into a liveleak video.


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