Flint streets see a lot of accidents, and if one of these major intersections is on your route, you may want to have the gps reroute your trip.

Michigan Auto Law used the data from the Traffic Crash Reporting Unit of the Michigan State Police to compile a list of the most dangerous intersections in Flint.  Their are two lists, one that features any reported accident, and a second that features accidents that involve injuries.

After spending the majority of my driving career on the streets of Flint, I have to say that I'm not surprised by any of these stats.  Check out the lists compiled from 2014 data below, and let us know if you agree.

Traffic Accidents

  • Corunna & Ballenger - 32 Total Accidents
  • Court & Dort - 26 Total Accidents
  • NB 475 & Grand Traverse - 25 Total Accidents
  • Lapeer & Center - 23 Total Accidents
  • Court & Center - 22 Total Accidents

Traffic Accidents involving injury or fatality

  • Court & Dort - 11 Injury Accidents
  • Corunna & Ballenger - 10 Injury Accidents
  • Lapeer & Dort - 8 Injury Accidents
  • 5th & Saginaw (Downtown Flint) - 7 Injury Accidents
  • Clio & Pierson - 7 Injury Accidents

(Get the full list from Michigan Auto Law Here)


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