A penny, a dime, a quarter. It all adds up. Right now the old saying "every penny counts" is truer than ever. It's time to dig deep into your pockets and empty those coin jars and piggy banks and help our local credit unions raise funds for the sick and injured kids at Hurley Children's Hospital.

Although many of us continue to stay home and have slowed down our normal summertime lifestyles, childhood cancer hasn't missed a beat and continues on it's vicious way. The statistic, 1 in 3 children will be diagnosed with cancer, is heartbreaking. Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint provided specialty care with a loving environment for these special patients and to their families.

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From August 17th through August 28th, the credit unions in the Flint-Saginaw-Bay City area want to put your change to work. All coin machines at ELGA Credit Union, Security Credit Union, and PFCU  branches will donate machine fees to Hurley Children's Hospital.

Hurley Children's Hospital, in Flint, is part of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The money raised for Hurley will help assure they have the funds they need to continue to provide these young patients all they need while fighting a very tough battle. Hurley also uses funds to aid even their young patients in the hospital for accidents and injuries. Just $25 can help provide books, toys, and other comfort items to children receiving critical care.

So gather that extra coin, search the couch cushions, and clean out the car cup holders.. Bring your coins to your local credit union  and truly 'Change a Child's Life'.  If you can't make it to a branch, you can still lend a much needed hand and make a donation to Hurley Children's Hospital online.


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