ATM Fees have hit an all new high, with an average of above $4 per transaction, and the rates only seem to be going up.

A new survey from the Wall Street Journal shows that the average ATM fee is $4.52, with the upper end topping out above $5.

People can always expect to pay more at some locations like entertainment venues and airports, but the prices are still rising at all ATMs.Atlanta and New York top the high fee list, while Michigan lands right in the middle.

Experts think the rise has a lot to do with the fact that use of ATM machines has declined so much . . . over 41% in the last few years.  I'm not sure that it makes sense to raise the price even more though, it seems like that would just make more people stop using the ATM's.

How much is too much for you to pay?  At what point do you just hit the cancel button when the fee pops up?