Bank of America has decided to start charging debit card users five dollars a month to pay for their purchases.

A move that would have seemed impossible a year ago will become a reality for Bank of America costumers early next year.

The problem is that BOA is not the only bank that will be making this move.  Others are sure to follow suit, and have even started testing the waters already.

Don't worry though, there is a way around the fees!

According to BOA spokesperson Ann Pace,

Customers will only be charged the fee if they use their debit cards for purchases in any given month.  Those who only use their cards at ATMs won't have to pay.

Oh well that makes it all better, doesn't it?!  So in a time of paying for everything with your debit card, the only way we can avoid being charged is if we don't use it?!  Makes perfect sense.

So I guess we basically have three options:

1. Go back to using all cash (drug-dealers rejoice).

2. Break out the checkbook you haven't used in three years.

3. Click here and check out Credit Union options.

I guess if you are sick of banks, and none of the three options above sound good, you could always open account at the "Bank of Your Mattress."

Get more information about the upcoming fees, and how it will effect you here.


I feel like this ATM machine should be wearing a bandanna and sunglasses.

"Just be quiet, and put the money in the bag!  Trust me, this is going to hurt you way more than it will hurt me."