Bay City Central students were caught on camera fighting and a parent of the victim is claiming bullying.  It seems like young people believe in fighting instead of peer mediation techniques. 

Brianna Ramsey was allegedly attacked Thursday after school by a classmate that was suspended from school.  Ramsey told WNEM that she was attacked while heading to the bus.

"She turned and punched me in my forehead. So then we just got in a big fighting session."

Brianna's mother was across the street when the fight broke out and ran in to break up the fight.  Debra Ramsey, Brianna's mom, was upset about the attack and believes it could have been prevented.

"I was devastated. I was dumbfounded. I was hurt. How can kids get a joy out of watching other kids get beat up?"

Three weeks ago Debra informed the school about bullying and asked for them to step in.  The school informed the concern parent that they would look into. It seems like things festered and exploded on Thursday.  The school system is investigating the situation right now.

I hope this trend of bullying would stop.  Many student across our country have committed suicide over harassment.  Let's be more concern and proactive.

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