I truly dislike hearing stories like this but two teen girls are charged with a felony for bullying a girl who recently committed suicide.  Bullying is the new terrorism.

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12 years old, ended her life after being bullied for over a year by two teens in Florida.  The bullying started over Rebecca once dating the boyfriend of the 14 year old monster who started the harassment.

The bullying was so bad Sedwich started to cut herself and was pulled out her school by her mother.  While getting psychiatric care, the troubled teen was enrolled in another middle school.  The harassment continued online from the two teen girls.

The ring leader of the bullying posted on Facebook last week,

"Yes, I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself and I don’t give a f-ck."

Polk County Sheriff's Department had no choice but to arrest and charged the teens.  The Sheriff of Polk County released a statement to express his feelings about the parents of the bullies.

“I’m aggravated that the parents are not doing what parents should do: after she is questioned and involved in this, why does she even have a device?” Sheriff Judd said. He added, “Parents, who instead of taking that device and smashing it into a thousand pieces in front of that child, say her account was hacked.”

I hope and pray that everyone involved in the situation receives some help to cope with this tragedy.  A teenager was harassed so much that she took her life.  The bullies are not even sorry for their horrible actions.  I really hope that justice will served swiftly.

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