The Flint Community Schools put on their annual Anti-Bullying showcase and this years show featured a record number of students participating.

This is the second straight year that I've been lucky enough to host this event.  The anti-bullying showcase features submissions from Flint students that reflect their views on bullying.

Students can express themselves however they want, and the showcase saw artworks, poems, singing and even a skit.  Some of the presentations were chosen to receive prizes like Meijer gift cards, Piston tickets and even a tablet!

It's really amazing to see the hard work and emotion that the students put into their work.  Bullying and self confidence are issues that all of us have dealt with, and the ways that the students express the ways they feel about the struggle is touching.

The 3 R's that are emphasized are simple: Recognize, Refuse and Report.  Check out some of the works that were featured on the walls of the showcase.