Regardless of whether or not you believe ghosts are real, a man from Bay City, Michigan caught something on his home security camera last summer that's pretty tough to explain.

Scott Scheurs of Bay City posted a video to the Paranormal Activities Around Michigan Facebook group back in July of 2022. The video was taken from his home security camera which shows his front yard and what appears to be some sort of shadowy figure exiting the front of the house.

In the video below, you'll hear what sounds like a door opening and closing and then some dark shadow rolls across the front yard and disappears.

This is what Scheurs posted on Facebook along with the video:

Hello, my name is Scott and I have a camera on my front porch, it picked this up today at 3:22pm, could someone explain this to me please.

As you would expect Facebook users offered their take on the creepy video.

Its weird cuz there's two shadows. A smaller one to the left and a taller one to the right.
The door opens to the left in the cam view, right?
So, if it Is a hoax (just have to consider it) the image on the right was coming out of a door on the right where it hinges. ~ MJ
Some people claimed that maybe a bug was to blame.
Definitely an out of focus bug on the lens. ~ Kyle
Bug on the lens ~ Brent
I'm no expert when it comes to this kind of stuff but I do believe it's explainable. Did a bug cause the shadowy figure? Sure, I guess that's possible.
I'm not a big believer in ghosts but the video is fun to watch and it does look kind of creepy.

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