The super controversial mask topic is being thrown out the window in Bay city for students & staff.

This is a subject that really doesn't have any middle ground. You are either for masks and everyone that isn't wearing one you wanna fight bare knuckle to the death or, your the passive type with as much care in the world as a lemming running towards a cliff's edge

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Bay City Schools says they will not require masks for students, staff and faculty.


Superintendent Dr. Stephen Bigelow says there is contradictory guidance from various sources and it can make the district's job challenging.

With the rise of the new Delta COVID-19 variant, medical experts stress that people still wear masks and get vaccinated. Then there are the internet experts that say it's not covid-19 but a huge international conspiracy aimed at installing 5G in your neighborhood to fry your brain thus making you more vulnerable to a reptilian takeover. Either way, Bay City isn't having it with the mask mandate and is giving people the freedom to do whatever they want.

Now the moment people start biting each other and covid-19 evolves into a zombie virus, people will definitely wear their masks more often and wash their hands. Just be polite to others around you that decide to either wear a mask or not.  Your body is your temple, and only you can make the final decision on how to protect it.

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