Beecher Schools are planning on consolidating to one campus for all schools to deal with declining enrollment.

Despite an amazing amount of athletic success over the last few years, Beecher is dealing with a declining student body.  They currently have three buildings spread over two campuses, and officials think there is a better way to serve students.

The plan is to move middle school students to the Neff Rd Campus with 1st through 7th grades in the Elementary building.  The high school would house 8th through 12th grades.  Parents are concerned about mixing younger kids with older ones, but the Beecher Superintendent told WNEM that it would actually be more convenient.

The move is part of a five year debt elimination plan for Beecher, and could involve some staff layoffs when the move is complete.

Beecher is facing the same problems that Flint schools have faced, but they have done a great job of rallying as a community over the last decade.  While some city schools have closed their doors, Beecher has been creating new programs for students.

The consolidation may not be ideal in anyone's eyes, but the population is shrinking, and this may be the best way to save a great district.  Hopefully this will be another move in the revival of Beecher and not a slip down the road to closure.

Do you think the Beecher plan will work, or only cause more problems?

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