Beyonce partners with Pepsi for $50 million dollars.  The mega superstar mom expands her brand with one of the largest beverage companies in the world.  The marketing deal will have Bey on standard commercial ads and Pepsi depositing millions of dollars on creative projects.

Pepsi has partnered with several artist in the past.  The most memorable collaboration was with Michael Jackson.  On the shoot of the commercial, MJ suffered head burns.  Don't worry, Bey will not get set on fire but will blaze the commercials in 2013.  Another notable Pepsi collaboration is the DeWeezy with rapper Lil Wayne.

Personally, I don't drink any soda or carbonated beverages but I can imagine that Beyonce's mark on Pepsi will increase sales. Beyonce has some of the most loyal fans and they support the wife of Jay-Z.  We see Beyonce influence with 'Single Ladies' record setting video. Currently, the video has over 202 million views. [spotted at NYTimes]

Does artist like Beyonce influence you to purchase products like Pepsi?