Everyone knew tensions would be high at the polls yesterday, but nobody expected Biden and Trump supporters to break out into song.

That's exactly what happened though in Warren, Michigan as the polls started to get their last voters in on Tuesday night. ClickOnDetroit reported that the scene outside of the polling location in Macomb County turned more and more intense as the day drew on. The supporters for both Biden and Trump eventually started to aggressively argue with each other.

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Then something unexpected happened to the crowd on both sides. The arguing turned into a conversation, which turned into neighbors remembering that they were neighbors. The two sides eventually decided that celebrating their democratic freedom was better than arguing their political differences.

The two groups ended the night by coming together and singing . . . yes singing, God Bless America. That right there is what America is all about!

I have to admit that I've gotten caught up with the political rage that has taken over much of this election season. It starts to get really easy to see people in a negative light when that is what is happening all around you. That's why I have so much respect for the people at this polling location in Warren. They are all in the heat of an extremely tense moment, and they were able to remember that they are on the same team at the end of the day.

I'm not saying that they all of a sudden stopped caring who won, or hating the other sides candidate. I just think they realized that no matter who wins the election, they will still be neighbors the next day, and that's still very important.


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