After the fiery election season we all just lived through it might be easy to forget that today, May 4th, is another voting day.

There are plenty of initiatives on the ballot for residents all throughout Mid-Michigan. Genesee County voters will be weighing in on everything from school funding to public safety. Obviously where you live will determine what your ballot looks like. If this voting day snuck up on you then you can catch up on your ballot info here.

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If you are not registered to vote, don't worry you can get registered on site right up until the 8pm cutoff time. If you are not sure that you're registered, or need to know where to go to vote, you can find all of that information here.

There are two ballot initiatives that all Genesee County residents will be voting on today. The first is a Genesee County 911 Surcharge to help fund emergency services. This is actually a renewal of a surcharge that was approved in 2017. The cost equals out to just under $2 a month per resident.

The second countywide initiative is the Genesee Health Systems mental health services millage. MidMichiganNow does a great job of breaking down what the millage is requesting, and where the money will be spent in Genesee County. You can see the millage proposal here.

There will be other proposals and millage requests depending on the district you live in. Genesee County residents in Flint, Bendle Schools, Gaines Township, and Atlas Township will all have specific items to weigh in on.

If you have any questions about voting today, you can get them all answered on the Michigan Voter Information page here.


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