The Stay Home orders have impacted everyone, but salons and barber shops are getting hit especially hard in Michigan.

We've all been following the story of the barber in Owosso who has been openly defying the order to remain closed from Governor Whitmer. Not all stylists have been so bold though, many of them have started to set up in home operations to keep working under the radar.

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Obviously this is against the law, but most stylists feel like they have no other choice. Governor Whitmer has said that salons and barber shops would most likely be the last to open considering the close proximity that they work with their customers. Speaking of the customers, many stylists are saying that they're customers are calling non stop to get a haircut.

I know that we are all itching for that first quarantine cut, myself included. I have not had hair this long in recent memory, but I haven't crossed the line of cutting it myself yet. I also don't think I'll reach out to any barber to make a house call. One thing I am definitely not endorsing is the Operation Haircut fiasco that took place in Lansing today.

It's such a tough line to walk because I can't imagine what barbers and stylists are going through right now. They want to work, and their customers want them to be working. Nobody wants to put anyone else in harms way, but at some point financially you can't just sit and wait anymore.

My only request if you do set up a speakeasy style salon or barber shop, at least make it so you need a cool knock or secret word to get in. If you can hide it behind a grandfather clock or something, that would be pretty cool too.

Seriously though, if you are a stylist or barber, please be careful. If you wait to open until the shutdown is lifted, then take precautions to keep yourself safe. If you open despite the order, keep a low profile. Salon owners have been getting fined all over the country for trying to do their job.

If you decided that you've had enough and gave yourself a quarantine cut, drop a pic in the comments below. I promise not to laugh . . . much.


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