So much respect is given to the brave teen who defended his home from intruders for the second time in a month.  Having to defend and fight for your life twice in one month is mind blowing.  We're thankful that the North Carolina teen was successful in his efforts, again.

Christopher Ludwick, 19 years old, was able to save his home and life by fighting two intruders.  Early Sunday morning, Christopher woke up to being attacked by two men.

"I got hit in the face a couple of times, then I realized what was happening."

Christopher's father gave him the family's .22 revolver after the first break in.  I think everyone is happy the dad passed down the gun except the two intruders.  Chris recalls using the gun.

"I shot at them and they ran out."

Chris suffered minor injuries due to the altercation.  Police have already arrested the two men who thought they could break in on Chris.  I am not an advocate for guns but I think if he didn't have the revolver, Chris would have been in trouble.