A Florida Metro Mobility driver was fired after being caught on video tying up an autistic student's hands with a seat belt.  The driver claims he was doing it to protect the student and others on the bus, and doesn't feel like he did anything wrong.

The man said he was driving three people when the 20-year-old man started opening the rear door while the vehicle was in motion.

He said other drivers were yelling at him to call the cops. He pulled over, called the cops and was told to wait there until the man's father could come pick him up.

The driver said the student kept opening the back door even when the van was stopped so he tied the student's hands together with the seat belt.

Here's the original cell phone video taken by another passenger on the road.

The driver claims he was afraid the passenger would jump out and get hit by another car, and told reporters that he did nothing wrong.

Do you think the bus driver should have been fired?  Opening the door to the back of the bus is a problem, but it sounds like the driver tied up his hands after the bus was stopped, waiting for his dad.

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