When it comes to recruiting new hires, this singing bus driver is pitch perfect.

The Waterford School District is hiring bus drivers, bus aides, and more. Let's just say the district took a rather unique approach to get the word (song) out. Instead of a boring old 'help wanted' ad, Waterford bus driver Lynette Bright is attempting to reach potential candidates with a song.

You can see the singing bus driver, Lynette Bright, in the video below. As you can imagine - this unique way to find potential school district employees has created quite a buzz.

The musical video advertisement was first posted on the Waterford School District Facebook page on Monday, August 1st and now has over 7400 views. The video has been put up on YouTube as well.

If everyone in the Waterford School District is as fun as Lynette Bright seems to be - it must be one heck of a place to work. If you are interested in a job with the district, you can get additional employment information here.

Maybe Lynette's singing will inspire additional bus drivers throughout Michigan to pick up a microphone, regardless if their school district is hiring or not. I am positive kids would love riding to school on a bus with a singing bus driver.

Who knows, maybe I will start bringing my karaoke machine to work? I will be taking requests in the radio station lunchroom on Wednesdays between noon and 1:00 PM.

Thanks for making us smile Lynette Bright - you are awesome.

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