The message that the Swartz Creek Schools bus drivers sent to the graduating class of 2020 is short and sweet.

This has been a tough year for all of us, but especially for the class of 2020. Working for the last 12+ years to get to graduation, only to have a worldwide pandemic shut the whole thing down. Schools around the state have banded together with their communities to try and honor the graduating seniors however they can.

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The bus drivers for Swartz Creek took time to put together a great farewell video for the graduating class. While I can't condone the use of Nickleback for anything, the visuals made up for the song.

Both of my kids go to Swartz Creek, and the community has done a phenomenal job of trying to recognize all students right now. We've had two different drive through celebrations with the school staff this week.

First  was my daughters 5th grade clap out. A tradition that normally takes place at the elementary school, where all of the students and staff line the hallways and clap for the 5th graders as they move to middle school. Obviously they couldn't do it this year, but they did line the parking lot with the entire staff, and honored the 5th graders. It seems trivial to some I'm sure, but seeing my daughter have some closure to her 5th grade year was definitely a bright spot in a tough time.

My son is going from 7th to 8th grade, so we reversed the role's and helped celebrate 8th graders with staff and parents, as they move into the high school.

Every school that I know of has done something to help the students transition to the upcoming year. The schools are facing some of the biggest challenges they have ever had to face coming up, but the heart of the community that the schools are in is definitely showing through.


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