Summer plans are changing once again because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The YMCA Camp Copneconic summer 2020 programs have been cancelled due to health safety concerns. This is a huge blow to kids and families all throughout Genesee County, but unfortunately it's not surprising. Camp officials held on as long as they could before making the decision, and talked about how difficult it was to cancel in a press release.

Camp has always been a safe place to grow, be independent, and create connections – with others, with nature, and most importantly, with oneself. Acknowledging these missed opportunities for connection saddens us, but we take comfort in the belief that our decision is what’s best for our Copneconic community.

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My kids have been going to Copneconic every summer since they were old enough to attend the day camps. This is something that I think I look forward to as much as they do. It's tough as a parent in the summer to keep kids off of screens and active in other things.

I have always looked forward to picking them up from camp, knowing that the next few hours would be full of stories about the things they did that day. Everything from swimming, to zip line rides would come out of two tired kids.

I agree with camp officials that this was the right decision, and I know that we all feel their heartache that comes with the cancellation.

Just like everything they do though, Copneconic has handled this situation with class, and a laser focus on the kids. They even made a special video for kids to help understand why camp was cancelled.

Nothing has been normal this year, and sometimes that can be a little overwhelming. With all of the uncertainty it's easy to get down, but just know that things will get better, and we will be hearing camp stories from exhausted kids soon.


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