'The Red Badge Of Courage' might be the single best part of 'Camp Gyno' at first, but when you realize what the video is actually doing, you'll see that it accomplishes way more than getting a few laughs.

As a good strong man, I can honestly say that I will never EVER be capable of understanding how weird the time of a first period must be.  In fact, I'll say that no man anywhere will ever understand it . . . I'm not even sure that all girls understand it!

The whole point of this video is to take the embarrassment or shame out of having your first period, and it's being hailed as a huge success.  It's one of the rare moments where pure hilarity blends perfectly with a valuable lesson.

I have a four year old daughter, and I know that this will eventually be a topic in my house.  I have no idea what I'm going to say or do, but I hope that my girl will have confidence (and sense of humor) to embrace her 'Red Badge Of Courage'!

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