'First Moon' sounds like it might be the next 'Twilight' movie, but for this young girl trying to become a woman, it's much more dramatic than that.

The people at HelloFlo have done a phenomenal job of taking a very awkward time in every young woman's life, and making it even more awkward . . . I mean hilarious.

Maybe hilarious isn't the word either.  They have done a great job of tackling this, potentially awkward time, with comedy and common sense.  Do you remember their first video on the topic, 'Camp Gyno'?  If you missed it, check it out below.  Trust me, it's definitely worth the watch.


First Moon is a different take on the same subject matter, but in HelloFlo's second video the hero of the story all depends on who you ask.  Mom's everywhere will hail the parents in this video as geniuses, but young girls may not feel the same way.

The overwhelming message of this video is this:

Periods don't have glitter.

Wait, no that's not right either . . . How about just being honest with your parents?  That sounds way better.

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