Two women will go down in history after becoming the first females to graduate from the Army's Ranger School.

The women, whose identities have not been revealed, will join 94 other men from the camp in Fort Benning, Ga. If you don't think these women have done anything special,consider this: the class kicked off with 381 men and 19 women.

The school, which was opened to women beginning in April, is "designed to teach students how to overcome fatigue, hunger and stress."

As you may have imagined, working through it is no easy task. Students have to navigate through a series of obstacle courses, a five-mile run that must be finished in 40 minutes and other grueling tests that pushed everyone to their limits.

Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh said, "This course has proven that every soldier, regardless of gender, can achieve his or her full potential."

Now that the women have completed their requirements, it'll be interesting to see what happens because women cannot apply for the 75th Ranger Regiment, which is a special operations force.

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