Cedar Point is wrapping up the 2017 season with some major announcements, including BOGO tickets and the new record breaking coaster, Steel Vengeance.

The BOGO ticket offer is going on right now, and the tickets are valid through Labor Day.  If you want to grab the ticket deal, you can do it on the Cedar Point website right here.

The other major announcement has to do with another record breaking attraction to hit the park in 2018.  Steel Vengeance is the new coaster that is taking the place of The Mean Streak.  Steel Vengeance is a hyper-hybrid coaster, which means it is a combination of steel and wood construction. Check out the birds eye view of the new ride.

When it comes to coasters, Cedar Point likes to go big.  They have a reputation for rewriting the record books, and Steel Vengeance is no exception.  Here is the list of records that the new coaster will hold.


The coaster will definitely be an improvement over the Mean Streak, which may go down as the most unpopular coaster Cedar Point has ever had.

Check out the POV ride on Steel Vengeance, and then decide if you'll be brave enough to ride it next season.

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