Cedar Point is opening this summer after all, but going to the park will be an entirely new experience for most of us.

We reported earlier this week that Cedar Point officials were seeking permission from the Governor of Ohio to open this summer. The permission was granted, but like every business dealing with operating during the pandemic, there are a lot of changes. Cedar Point detailed some of the biggest changes on their website today.

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The park will officially open on July 9th for a two day exclusive opening event for Gold and Platinum pass holders only. On July 11th the park will open to Cedar Point Resorts guests, and the rest of the season ticket holders. Cedar Point issued the following statement on reservations.

In order to maintain limited capacity each operating day, all guests, including Season Passholders, will be required to make a reservation to visit the park though the Cedar Point mobile app or at cedarpoint.com. In a few weeks prior to park opening, 2020 Cedar Point Season, Gold or Platinum Passholders will receive an invitation to make reservations first, followed by guests who have pre-purchased day tickets. Reservation availability for guests who have not yet purchased a park ticket will be announced at a later date. Guests who stay at a Cedar Point Resorts property will have guaranteed entry to Cedar Point for each day of their stay, beginning the day after check in, but must purchase a ticket or have a 2020 Season Pass.

If you are not a season ticket holder, and did not plan on staying at a Cedar Point Resort, you best option to get tickets is to download the Cedar Point app here.

Cedar Point will send notifications when single day tickets are available, and instructions on how to make your reservations. Some of the other restrictions will include wearing a mask at all times while inside the park, along with social distancing measures.

I say as long as a man and woman can dress in matching outfits and hold hands while they walk through the park, then everything will be alright.


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