Central Michigan University announced today that they would be cutting the Men's Track and Field program starting now.

The cut is a result of budget cuts that are being made across the university as a whole. In a press release, CMU Athletic Director Michael Alford talked about the impact of the cuts.

Hundreds of students have participated in this longstanding, successful program at Central Michigan, and we know this will impact them and supporters of this program greatly

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According to the release, the cut directly affects 36 student athletes, and two full time assistant positions. The good news is that CMU is honoring scholarships offered to the student athletes, including the incoming freshmen that would be starting out in the program. The women's track and field program will still be in tact for the upcoming season.

I'm adding this to the list of heartbreaking headlines caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The press release stated that this was part of a strategic budget plan to help offset the enrollment decline due to the pandemic.

Both of my older brothers went to CMU, so I feel a strong connection to the campus. I spent many weekends feeling cooler than I really was, because I was hanging out with my brothers at college. Even when I was in school, we would spend a lot of time in Mt. Pleasant visiting friends that went to CMU.

I know this is tough for all of the Chips out there, but hopefully the budget cut will prove to be temporary, and the men's track & field program will be restored.


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