The Genesee County Road Commission has announced some new changes that are coming soon to Flushing rd in Genesee County.  This comes in response to the speeding issues that have been plaguing the city as of late. Great, thanks guys now everybody has to pay the price. 

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The Genesee County Road Commission says due to speeding issues on the road they will be reducing the road to one through lane instead of two.


The project is expected to cost over $800,000.


"At first people were leery about them (road diets) because they really didn't understand the safety improvements. All they saw was the possibility of having to drive slower because now you only have one through lane instead of two through lanes, that's true - it'll take you an extra 10-15 seconds to go that half-mile. But, isn't that improvement to safety worth that 15 seconds," says Genesee County Road Commission Richard Hill.

Oh great, now I've gotta wake up an extra 15 to 10 seconds early in the morning to make my commute because some idiots wanna drive fast. Seriously outta control drivers are becoming a problem in Flint. It's like these younger guys are buying these cars just to crash them. Now I'm all for buying what you want to drive. You only live once and you should definitely find a vehicle you love and buy it by any means necessary.

However, that's not a green light to start raising hell in the streets because you finally got your hands on a car with a bit of horsepower.  Either way, the updates are final, and now all of us have to drive a little slower now. Great...

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