Tigers fans, get ready for a sprint to the finish with the new 60 game season.

The Tigers have released their shortened 2020 season schedule consisting of 2 exhibition games and 60 regular season games. Normally there are no exhibition games, but nothing this season is going to feel normal. The teams are using these to games as a tune up after spring training never really got going.

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The Tigers will play their exhibition games in Cincinnati on July 21st & 22nd. The regular season will start less than a week later on July 27th at Comerica Park. The Tigers will play a familiar opening day foe as they host the Royals, for a 7pm game.

I know that nobody is happy with the shortened season, including the players, but I want you to hear me out on one crazy thought.

What if (stay with me) the baseball season were shortened to 92 games, and (here comes the crazy part) they didn't start playing until June?

I know it sounds crazy, but not as crazy as playing baseball in the snow! That's what normally happens every year, the season starts and ends in the snow . . . WHY?!

I never want to say that the pandemic is a good thing, but I LOVE the fact that it will be in the 80s on opening day in Detroit. I LOVE the fact that every game actually matters, and hopefully I'm not the only one.

I know that there's not much of a chance of these changes becoming permanent, but at least it opens the door for the conversation. I think one last thing that we all need to remember is that there is still a chance that this shortened season never actually ends up happening. There are huge spikes in Covid-19 cases running throughout pro sports right now, and it won't take much for players and owners to pull the plug.


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