The pandemic has doubled the price of everybody's favorite BBQ item, chicken wings! With a crazy price increase of 94% percent, most restaurants are deciding to remove chicken wings altogether.

We are definitely entering into dark times... 

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Across the country, wholesale prices for wings have increased 94.72% year-to-date, according to United States Department of Agriculture data from April.

Data for poultry prices by the 100 pounds shows this past year’s increase is even steeper than comparing to pre-pandemic levels. The increase from April 2019 to 2021 is 62.27%.

 No! If chicken wings completely disappear off the menu I legit won't have a reason to go out anymore. I understand that this problem isn't the fault of Michigan restaurants, they've got to adjust to the current market to survive. And the only way to do that is by increasing prices.

So, if you're accustomed to paying $1 a wing you could be paying more than $2 now. The real question now is, "How much do you love your wings?". Will you be willing to pay up to $20 for an 8 piece? Now your tip-toeing into steak prices!  I've got so many emotions going through my body right now. I don't think I can support a system that charges that much.

So what's the solution? Well, that's easy! COOK AT HOME! Wings are one of the easiest foods to cook at home! I mean if you own an oven you shouldn't ever pay for wings from a restaurant. Heck, even an air fryer will set you up for LIFE!

Let this be your first step in cooking for yourself, trust me it's easier than you think.

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