After apologizing for performing at President Trump’s inaugural party, Chrisette Michele is back with a new song called “Black Lives Matter.”

On the track, R&B singer is urging love and compassion for everyone no matter their race or political view.

“If my life matters, then stand no matter / If it was true, would it be black? / Whatever the hue, would you fight back? / Is your blood red? / Doesn’t it match? / Then when I stand, stand with my black,” she sings.

However, on Twitter, fans weren't hearing it. Most people are still not giving Michele a pass for performing at President Trump's inauguration party. Others are also questioning whether Michele is trying to profit off of BLM, since the song is available to purchase on iTunes.

"This little stunt Chrisette Michele is pulling to make a profit is an all time low. She betrayed her race and culture to cash out & now she creates #BLM songs & expect black people to buy and support her music? Girl!!!" wrote one fan.

Another person tweeted, "Can’t wait until [Chrisette Michele] drops the “Black Lives Matter (All lives matter remix)” ft Taylor Swift and Kid Rock."

Listen to the song above and check out some of the fans' reactions below.

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