A church in Flushing is stepping up to help families as they navigate through doing school virtually.

Flushing United Methodist Church made the decision to extent their wifi network to help kids in their area. They have turned one of their fellowship halls into a makeshift study hall for kids learning virtually.

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The church posted the announcement on their Facebook page earlier this week about the move, and the response has been good. According to the post, they have room for 30 students to be safely socially distanced. They are also asking that any students that need to use the facility, wear a mask.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit at the end of the last school year, schools were forced to go virtual in a hurry. The immediate problems that came up were access to computers for kids, and internet availability for all students. When it became clear that the 20-21 school year would start virtually, schools did a better job of getting connected devices to kids. The problem now is making sure that all students have internet access to be able to use those devices.

Some internet companies have stepped up to help residents get access to get online, but there are still too many kids being left out of the virtual learning model.

I know that the church in Flushing won't fix the problem for everyone, but it does show other organizations that they can step up and help their own area.


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