'To This Day' is a powerful message about bullying, and how the damage that is done as a kid might seem small, but there are life long consequences that we all have to deal with.  This is not an easy video to watch, but I feel like it's something that everyone should see.

When I say that it's not easy to watch, please don't use that as a reason to pass over this incredible piece of work.  I only say it because the story and message hit so close to the heart of anyone that's ever doubted themselves due to someone else teasing them.

It took me over an hour to get through the entire video. Yes, an hour.

I kept having to switch to something funny or work related, just to pull myself out of the harsh reality that some people live with every second of every day.

Everyone has been teased or bullied at some point in their lives, and most of us have been on the other side as well.  I think in moderation, it's actually not entirely a bad thing.  Sometimes we learn a lot about ourselves by handling harsh words from others.  We also learn by seeing the effect that our words have on those same people.

There is a point though where anything constructive that can come from it is lost.  A point that this video makes clear, very quickly.

I cried watching this video . . .  more than once.

I cried thinking about all of the mean, hateful words I've spewed out of my mouth without giving a second thought.  I cried thinking about how at one point I was in a panic in my moms car, begging her not to make me go to my third grade class.  Third grade.

I have kids of my own now, and I don't want them to never be teased.  I don't want life to be full of sunshine and victories, because that's not life.  I want them to be able to realize that no matter what happens, good or bad, that they are loved unconditionally.  I want them to understand that while nobody's words should ever carry too much weight with them, their own words can be the heaviest things on Earth to someone else.

I probably won't be able to watch this video again, but that won't matter because I probably won't ever be able to forget it.

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