The 'Club 93.7 - MetroPCS 37 Second Challenge' hit Clio Friday night as Kearsley came into town. A student from each school had the chance to win some cash at halftime, but would either be able to make all four shots?

Shane Caldwell was reppin' the Hornets for the 37 Second Challenge, but ended up just one shot short in the end.  Shane did hit three of the four shots though, so he will be a part of the Pistons VIP contest at the end of the year.  He hit his Twitter account after the contest.

Watch Shane shoot below and check him out on Facebook or Twitter

Luke Borrow had the advantage of shooting in front of his hometown crowd, and he took advantage of it.  Luke made the first three shots fairly easily, despite a pass that got away from him.  (Shout out to the Jet League players for helping him out!)  In the end though, Luke came up a few centimeters short of $100 after missing his second half court shot.  Luke will be in the Pistons VIP contest as well in March.

Watch Luke Shoot and check him out on Facebook and Twitter