Two area elementary schools and one middle school have confirmed reported cases of Viral Meningitis in the last week.

Edgerton Elementary in Clio, McComb Elementary in Caro, and E.F. Rittmueller Middle School in Frankenmuth have all been affected.

All three school principals have sent out letters to parents informing them of the confirmed cases. The letters also informed parents about safety precautions that the schools will be taking going forward. The three schools are keeping the students out of school until they have gotten clearance from a doctor. Each school is also distributing information about preventing the spread of viral meningitis.

Symptoms of viral meningitis include fever, severe headache, stiff neck, sensitivity to bright lights, drowsiness or confusion, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms will typically last 7-10 days. The only treatment that will help is rest, drinking fluids and managing any fever that may appear.

While viral meningitis is not as severe as bacterial meningitis, but it still can be spread very easily. The best prevention is frequent hand washing, and avoiding contact with someone if you are sick.

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