Finding Clorox wipes has been next to impossible during the Coronavirus pandemic, and it doesn't look like that will be changing any time soon.

Earlier this year Clorox reps had said that the wipes should be back fully stocked by the summer time. They've had to walk that statement back, and in a recent interview Clorox President, Linda Rendle, talked about the many factors that play into the extended shortage.

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Obviously the Coronavirus pandemic is the main driver for the shortage of disinfecting wipes, but there are other factors as well. Going into flu season and back to school time, Clorox wipes are normally in very high demand. When you stack that on top of the fact that we are dealing with a pandemic, it's obvious that the shortage will continue.

Another big reason for the shortage is that the demand is straining the supply chain. Most disinfecting wipes are made from the same material, which is also used in PPE like masks, gowns and wipes. PPE is also in extremely high demand, so you have a few different industries experiencing the highest demand they've ever had, all trying to keep up using the same materials. It's a recipe for disaster.

Don't feel bad for Clorox though, because they are definitely doing just fine during the pandemic.

Read that headline . . . Clorox has posted it's HIGHEST SALES GROWTH IN MODERN HISTORY.  I guess that pandemic has been better to some of us than others.


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