Club 93.7's Peter McFray is normally spinning at clubs or parties on the weekend, but with social distancing in effect, he is doing it at home for a great cause.

Friday night before McFray kicked off the Jam Session mix show on Club, he tore up his living room with the Quarantine Mix. What started as a great way to connect with his fans, and give people an at home dance party, turned into a huge fundraiser. Pete ended up donating more than $500 to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

Check out what Pete had to say about the events, and the announcement about his mix tonight.

Tonight the Quarantine Mix starts at 8pm, and you can head over to Peter McFray's FB page to check it out.

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If are not able to donate during the mix tonight at 8pm, you can drop a donation anytime at the links below. Even if you can't donate, take advantage of a free dance party hosted by the second best DJ on the interweb.

Unfortunately FB doesnt love it when people play music on the live stream, so it may cut out every so often. Just be patient as in only take a few seconds to get it up and running again. You can click the pic below to get to the mix as well.

Quarantine Mix
Quarantine Mix

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